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Residents of Sunbury, Ohio know that Delaware County and central Ohio are areas of cultural renaissance and economic growth. With development and re-development come construction work and associated activities. Often, however, before new structures are erected, foundations must be carefully prepared. Sometimes, this involves demolition projects yet almost always excavation is necessary. Excavation is not just digging things out — although it is that too. Also included are moving earth, clearing land and soil redistribution. Frequently, heavy machinery plays a role in these tasks. These are prerequisites for most construction projects and laying roads, sidewalks, sewer lines and communications networks.


Prior to the actual initiation of excavation work, a seasoned construction firm will confirm that all the design and legal hurdles are addressed. Finalization of zoning permits and blueprints precede any digging. Excavators must identify utility easements and clear any trees, large rocks, brush, or roots that might obstruct the work. Depending on the land under consideration, this can be either swift or time-consuming. Also important are obtaining (or making) an accurate survey of the property to clarify the boundaries of the project in question. Clearly, careful planning is essential before any earth gets moved.

Digging and Trenching

Constructing a house or building is literally from the ground up. So, underground utility lines, cables, pipes, or wires must have channels in which to rest. Likewise, pools and basements demand trenching to create space. By contrast, excavators must also backfill open cavities before a structure can sit atop the land. The construction firm can use soil that was removed from another site or even soil from the current site. Backfilling assures a solid foundation for the building and avoids future instability. Sometimes, digging and backfilling happen simultaneously for the sake of efficiency and to maximize available space on the property.

Grading the Soil

The issue of drainage is central when constructing a new building. Grading levels of the surface of the landscape. Moving the necessary earth to correct angles and inclines, and move water away from the structure, protects it from flooding and other damage associated with accumulated water. The builder will either design the drainage plan or contract the job to an engineer. Grading also prevents erosion from water runoff and it contributes to an overall better appearance for the property. Bulldozers and land graders are the primary tools for this phase of excavation.

Get a Full Range of Excavation Services

Sunbury, Ohio property owners may require one or all of these services — or more. MLS Construction Services is ready and waiting to perform as much or as little excavation as is necessary to move your construction project forward. Furthermore, MLS can provide any demolition necessary to remove existing structures in preparation for new ones. This company services properties all over central Ohio and finishes jobs of every size and scope. Reach out today to talk about any excavation work that MLS can furnish in Sunbury, Ohio.