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Excavations, underground utilities, and structural demolition are some the services offered by MLS Construction Services. With years of experience, MLS Construction Services has become a trusted name, offering various solutions beyond the ordinary. The company is known for handling installation needs efficiently and effectively. Read on to learn why you should choose them for your next project.

Why MLS Construction Services

Quality excavation and installation services are crucial for successful construction projects, whether they are commercial or residential. MLS Construction prioritizes expertise, safety, client satisfaction, and innovation, making it a reliable partner in the construction industry. The company is a family-owned business in Delaware, OH that serves the greater Mount Vernon area. MLS Construction Services has built its reputation on offering high-quality excavation services and meeting the client's needs. There are several reasons why you should choose MLS Construction Services:

Experience and Expertise

MLS Construction Services LLC provides precise, high-quality excavation and installation services that meet or exceed industry standards. Their team has a wealth of experience and expertise and is highly trained in excavation. The company uses advanced equipment and specialized techniques for site preparation, grading, and trenching to ensure precision. Their skilled crew is equipped to handle any challenges that may arise during all stages of construction.

Equipment and Resources

MLS Construction has a large fleet of equipment that can handle any size and type of job, from small residential projects to large commercial and industrial ones. The company has advanced equipment and resources for your project challenges, such as buried utilities, hard soil, rocks, and groundwater. MLS Construction can manage all aspects of excavation and installation jobs, including planning, permitting, digging, trenching, equipment operation, and timely project completion within budget.

Insurance and Licensing

MLS Construction is fully bonded and insured for your protection and peace of mind. The company has the necessary licenses, bonds, and insurance to operate excavation machinery in their jurisdictions. They have been certified by Encouraging Diversity Growth and Equality, Disadvantaged Business Enterprise, and Women's Business Enterprise.

Customer Service

MLS Construction Services has a strong reputation in the industry and among its customers for delivering quality results on time and within budget. They commit to unmatched customer service, keep you informed throughout the process, and address any questions or concerns you may have. The staff will also follow up with you after completing the work to ensure your satisfaction.

Commitment to Safety

Safety is a top priority for MLS Construction Services LLC, as evidenced by their rigorous on-site safety protocols. Their personnel are trained and certified in safety practices, creating a secure environment where efficiency and well-being coexist harmoniously. MLS Construction adheres to safety regulations and best practices to protect workers, the public, and surrounding property during disruptive excavation projects.


MLS Construction possesses the necessary expertise, equipment, focus on safety, and experience to provide top-notch excavation and installation services and excellent customer support. Their capabilities make them an intelligent choice for your construction projects.


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